Havelock Wool was established to address the increased consumer demand amongst those seeking a healthier lifestyle and environment. Wool insulation manages moisture while improving indoor air quality by absorbing harmful chemicals; wool should be a part of every green building project - commercial or residential.

While they try, other mediums like mineral wool, cotton, or glass wool insulation, cannot measure up to the capabilities of Havelock's sheep wool insulation. Wool's inherent characteristics allow it to physically breathe by allowing moisture to be absorbed and desorbed against 65% relative humidity. 

 Harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide, are actually removed from the air. No other type of insulation offers this unique function. In fact, most others are often emitting harmful chemicals and/or adversely affecting indoor air quality.

Wool REQUIRES less density to achive similar R Values

Havelock Wool offers both batt (blanket rolls) and blow-in insulation. Our R values are 3.6 per inch and 4.3 per inch respectively. "R" means resistance to heat flow and the higher the insulation R-value, the greater the insulating power. Our wool insulation R-values are equal to or often surpasses those of non-wool insulation. The extreme high integrity of a wool fiber allows it to out perform the synthetic competition with an exponentially decreased environmental impact.


For more facts and data about wool as an insulator, please download an informational brochure and bring your residential or commercial insulation project into the realm of sustainable, non-toxic performance.

Smart Walls: Why do we compromise when building the most important part of any structure: the envelope? The smart wall addresses a weakness in current practices to achieve air tightness. Along with 475 High Performance Building Supply we have created a solution to this problem which allows for the efficiency of an air tight structure without disrupting the inherent vapor drive. See the brochure below.

Havelock Wool: Havelock wool insulation addresses a gap in the market by being the healthiest, high-performance option available. Learn more about us in this overview brochure.

Loose Fill Data: Havelock Wool loose-fill or blow-in insulation is an out performer at R4.3 per inch. It can be installed with a blowing machine or by hand for any DIY project.

Batt Data: Havelock Wool Batt insulation is quite similar to other batts from the perspective of both performance and installation. R3.6 per inch is rather standard for the industry and at dimensions of 15.5" x 48" we offer options for a 3.5" r13 and a 5.5" r20.



Smart Wall Brochure 


Havelock Wool Brochure


Loose Fill Data Sheet


Batt Data Sheet


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