Sheep’s Wool Insulation: A Natural, Non-Toxic, High-Performance Building Material 

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Insulation in the built environment has been undervalued for too long. Fortunately, that’s changing. Indoor air quality is becoming a priority for a vastly expanding segment of the consumer base; with this growing focus on healthier spaces, more building and construction professionals are opting to incorporate sustainable, “high performance” materials into their projects. Read more.

Wool Insulation Creates Smarter Spaces


Ahead-of-the-trend green builders, architects, and homeowners are excited about using healthy, sustainable sheep’s wool insulation for new construction, and retrofitting existing homes and businesses. An all-natural fiber evolved by Mother Nature to surmount even the most extreme environmental conditions, wool wicks away moisture naturally without rotting or molding, while holding warm air in during winter and keeping it out during summer. The merits of wool insulation along with our company, were both featured in a recent article by Green Building Elements, click here to read the full article.

Prefab Home Expands Like Children’s Blocks


Proud to be apart of this type of forward thinking....

Wish you could expand the size of your home without breaking the bank? A group of architecture students from the University of California, Berkeley and University of Denver created RISE, an affordable and sustainable housing solution that lets you do just that. Conceived for urban infill lots, the adaptable and scalable solar-powered home stacks together like children’s blocks and can expand up to three stories with up to five units of multifamily living. Read more.

7 Steps for a Healthier Home


As homeowners become increasingly aware of the impact their homes can have on the environment – and on their health – making eco-conscious choices such as sheep wool insulation is as important as ever. From controlling the types of materials used within your home to keeping an eye on indoor air quality, these tips can help you create a healthier, more earth-friendly indoor environment. Read more.

This “Smart Wall” Can Create Healthier Spaces

 Havelock Wool, a provider of wool insulation solutions, in partnership with 475 High Performance Building Supply, has introduced the “Smart Wall,” a smart enclosure system made of highly efficient, durable and sustainable products, including Havelock Wool sheep’s wool insulation, Pro Clima membranes and Gutex insulation board. ... read more

IDEAL Window Installation

You bought high-performance windows, but is the install going to complement their performance or detract from it? The enclosure insulation, airtightness and moisture control should be continuous. But too often where the window frame meets the building we see breaks in insulation, air leaks and vapor traps – all setting the stage for discomfort, inefficiency and moisture damages. The ubiquitous can of Great Stuff by Dow Chemical provides a connection that is neither airtight or healthy – with foam residue and waste chemicals left to bioaccumulate in our environment already choking on plastic.

Cans makes good long-term toxic garbage.

We can improve our window install by using more natural, safe and healthy materials that are easier to install and more reliably durable for the long term. No builder likes struggling to insulate around windows with messy spray foam insulation or backer rod and caulk. These options are tough to install well, and are often vapor closed, short term, and generate a lot of waste. Stop it. There is a better way. You might say we have an IDEAL solution based on Havelock Sheep Wool insulation and Pro Clima tapes.

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Cans makes good long-term toxic garbage.

Cans makes good long-term toxic garbage.

Building Technology Uses Wool for Better Health

SAN FRANCISCO (April 11, 2017) — People are smart, and people breathe, but most of us wouldn't think the same of the walls that surround our living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

A couple of building professionals are trying to change that perception with what they believe is the smartest, most breathable wall ever developed.

Called the ‘Smart Wall,’ the system is made of efficient, resilient and sustainable products, including Havelock Wool sheep’s wool insulation, Intello wall lining membranes and Gutex insulation board.

Kirkland camper finds eco-friendly solution

Kirkland camper finds eco-friendly solution

A Kirkland camper manufacturer has signed an agreement with Havelock Wool to insulate all of its eco-friendly trailers with sheep’s wool instead of foam board.

The partnership comes after Homegrown Trailers outfitted some of its newest mobile units with the all-natural product and decided wool was a better solution than the polystyrene panels used in the company’s inaugural designs.