There is a growing understanding that spray foam is an unreliable, toxic, and expensive approach which is based more on marketing than common sense. We’ve written about many of the problems in our Foam Fails series.

Today, we can make a better choice – a smarter choice:  a system made of non-toxic materials that creates a long-lasting building envelope delivering comfort, health, and efficiency without rot, mold, or other maintenance and health headaches. Called the ‘Smart Wall,’ this system is made of efficient, resilient and sustainable products, including Havelock Wool sheep’s wool insulation, Pro Clima membranes such as Intello Plus, and Gutex exterior insulation board.

The ‘Smart Wall’ is an airtight, low-energy, biophillic approach that Johnson has been looking to perfect since he started work as a consultant for clean-tech venture capital. The solution was elusive, until a couple pieces fell into place: ProClima membranes and Havelock Wool insulation.

Current code-minimum construction:
Inefficient, made of foam, fiberglass, chemicals & VOCs

Current building materials are designed to maximize profit not comfort and safety

• Developed by petroleum and chemical industries
• Made to tear down in 30 years
• Safe when covered by drywall
• Inefficiencies corrected by cranking the heat and AC
• Works against nature in an attempt to battle encroaching mold growth
• Manufactured to maximize profit


 A smart wall is one that’s safe at every stage before and after construction. 

• Efficiency, resiliency, sustainability,  safety, and comfort built into the very fabric of the building
• Serious building science to address the global climate crisis
• Will last for generations
• You don’t need safety gear to protect you from these building materials
• Works with nature to handle water and moisture, eliminating the risk of mold and rot
• Natural and high performance

Why do we compromise when building the most important part of any structure: the envelope? The smart wall or smart enclosure system addresses a weakness in current practice to achieve air tightness. Along with 475 High Performance Building Supply we have created a solution to this problem which allows for the efficiency of an air tight structure without disrupting inherent vapor drive.

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