We believe mass production has run its course and no longer serves the end-user. This holds in many industries, including commercial and residential insulation.  To be positively disruptive, however, it is necessary to have a product that meets or exceeds the current 'norm'. Havelock Wool is not only all natural but also outperforms the competition in many aspects.

WHy Wool?

Wool insulation is simply the most sustainable, all natural, non-toxic high-performance insulation available in today’s market.  The follicles in a wool fiber allow it to absorb and desorb moisture against 65% relative humidity, and the amino acids allow for the trapping of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, NOx and SO2.

Other mediums like mineral wool, cotton, or glass wool insulation, cannot measure up to the capabilities of Havelock's sheep wool insulation.  In fact, most others are often emitting harmful chemicals and/or adversely affecting indoor air quality.


For more facts and data about wool as an insulator, please download an informational brochure and bring your residential or commercial insulation project into the realm of sustainable, non-toxic high-performance.


Smart Wall Brochure 


Loose Fill Data Sheet


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Havelock Wool Brochure


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